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A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect your investment by helping you bring a past due mortgage current. Additionally, it can stop a foreclosure and provide you with the time you need to work out a modification with your lender. understanding chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy works by

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FHA Loan Rules For Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. From HUD 4000.1: “A Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not disqualify a Borrower from obtaining an FHA- insured Mortgage, if at the time of case number assignment at least 12 months of the pay-out period under the bankruptcy has elapsed. The Mortgagee must determine that during this time,

The Bankruptcy Court must approve the loan modification before it goes into effect! A Motion to Incur Debt must be filed on your behalf in order for the modification to be considered. It may take up to 30 days before you will receive a response from the Bankruptcy Court.

The government instituted a program to set guideline for mortgage companies to restructure loans, called Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP. In June 2010, the hamp guidelines changed. The new rules made it more favorable for a person filing for debt relief through a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy to achieve a HAMP loan modification.

 · Bankruptcy Rules and Forms: A number of bankruptcy forms and rules are now amended, and a new rule and a new appendix are added. The most significant changes involve the amount creditors seek in mortgage loan payments through a chapter 13 plan, electronic filing with the bankruptcy court, and procedures concerning appeals from bankruptcy court decisions to the federal district court.

§ Under the new CFPB rules, servicers, with limited exceptions, cannot initiate a foreclosure until a borrower is more than 120 days delinquent. This should give borrowers time to submit an application for a loan modification or other alternative to foreclosure. § Mortgage servicers can.

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If you're involved in a bankruptcy, you can still get a mortgage modification. Know the details before you begin the process.. on the whole, the banks and mortgage companies appear to be doing a fairly credible job of getting their.. What Is It Like to Practice Consumer Bankruptcy Law?. What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?