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New York fund manager pleads guilty to Belize airport scam You may be the target of a "one-ring" phone scam,’ the FCC warned last week. The FCC said the calls are widespread in New York and Arizona. When users call these numbers, they may be connected to a.

Islam/Muslim By Rick Mathes This gave me further insight into the Muslim religion. Thank goodness we worship a God of love. Last month I attended my annual training session that’s required for maintaining my state prison security clearance.

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A 1/3 of all Home Mortgage Notes are Missing Mortgage Foreclosures, missing promissory notes, and the uniform commercial code: A New Article For the last few years I have been crossing the country giving lectures on what I now call the "Golden Rule of Mortgage Foreclosures," which is that such foreclosures cannot proceed without production of the original promissory note signed at the.

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