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‘It’s all for the Jewish people:’ Four decades of the Jeff Seidel story The Shabbat meals he’s arranged over the years while meeting wandering Jews in Jerusalem have given countless young adults their first taste of a traditional Shabbat, and often, an enduring appreciation of Judaism.

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‘It’s All For The Jewish People:’ Four Decades Of The Jeff Seidel Story: by in the vanguard via Hezbos In YOUR Backyard The Deed to the Land of Israel: by Gil Student via Hirhurim – Musings The Original Amen Party: by Spira via Yeshiva World News Machpelah Closed to Jews on Erev Shabbos: via

The history of the planet but she was part of that very engine that had turned off so many people over these decades. Jeff: [00:12:11] Yeah I read one column I think it was by Peggy Noonan. This was before the election where she was saying that with Trump and.

After the shock awaiting people. the Jews and Israel is not abating. Last Friday, two weeks before the landmark anniversary, the General Assembly of the Egyptian Press Syndicate “declared its.

‘It’s All For The Jewish People:’ Four Decades Of The Jeff Seidel Story Jeff Seidel is a left-hander who cheerfully admits to having a terrible sense of direction. "It’s the worst," he says with a grin. "I get lost coming out of the shower."

 · I mean, one of these days, to walk 86th Street from the Narrows to Gravesend. It is the main east-west street in southwest Brooklyn, and contains many secrets of old. I grew up three blocks from 86th, and so, when communities were more tight-knit, I knew the butchers, the bakers and the candle stick makers by name before they either retired or moved to the suburbs.