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People often say being the middle child is hard. Well, according to most Americans it also is getting hard to be in the middle class. While a whopping 88% of Americans view themselves as being in.

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The U.S. middle class saw a decline of 28% in their net worth over the last decade-from $129,000 in 2001 to $93,000 in 2011. To top it off, the net worth of lower income families fell a steeper 45%! There is no doubt the middle class was the reason for economic growth in the past.

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Why the american middle class Is Disappearing (and What It Will Mean for the Economy). If you put a $100 in the pockets of the poor or middle class, they’ll naturally spend the vast majority of.

Millions of Americans are finding that the job paths they assumed would lead them to middle-class lives no longer promise economic stability. Middle-Class Betrayal? Why Working Hard Is No Longer.

Everybody knows that the middle class isn’t faring too well.. New Study Explains Why the Middle Class Is Suffering More Than We Thought. Blacks or Hispanics need at least a two-year.

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The question then is why, given that people with higher incomes are more likely to vote than those with lower incomes and the middle class is shrinking. The real reason why the middle class seemingly gets such an out-sized share of attention may have to do with how it formed and what it means to American ideals.

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There was an implicit promise that this was the way that it was always going to be. Most of us grew up believing that if we worked really hard in school and that if we stayed out of trouble and that if we did everything that "the system" told us to do that there would be a place for us in the middle class too.

Why the U.S. middle class is struggling in the current economy. Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein and TheFiscalTimes.com columnist liz peek discuss reasons why the U.S. middle class is.